¡Hola mundo!

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  2. I have an iPad, but found in recent times I have migrated towards a laptop as a secondary machine. The touch screen is great, but it’s the keyboard that has pulled me to the laptop for working. There is probably room for both, for different things if funds allow.

  3. healthcare reform is a joke.i stopped caring about osama 10years ago, he was suppose to finish wars.jobs are still bad, economy is bad, and the banks+oil are still most profitable branches of economy. stopping trend and reversing it are two different things.he could lead 2/3rd of government, he decided to not even do 1/3rd.btw. its exactly his job to make american lives better, thats the only reason for having elected officials.

  4. i just seen Third day in a christian convention they had in gatlinburg, tennessee. they were singing in the convention that was held by hearts on fire.VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait…VA:F [1.9.13_1145](from 0 votes)

  5. Auf jeden Fall!!! Er macht alles eher langsam als überstürzend, gibt Sicherheit , wenn etwas zu schnell ist, Kupplung ziehen , Bremsen… Sowas sagen die Fahrlerer meistends nicht vorher, weil sie routinierte Schüler gewohnt sind und es schnell vergessen, das ein Anfänger sowas nich wissen kann!

  6. Ako rin, like ko gihapon ang room kay nicedaghan kaaung pink ba. I like that dresser hehe kacute. At least sis, Akesha knows now how to tidy her room by putting back the stuffs on their proper places.

  7. Oh my word! What an amazing giveaway!! I love so many options, but my favorites are the Isla in emerald, the Jeannette in fudge, the Elisa in mustard (LOVE!), the Brooke in hot fuchsia (love that heel height), and the Dylan (love love love!). Thank you so much!

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  9. You’re right, I … You’re right, I mis-understood the text which was sponsored videos are targeting US citizens. Partnering with Youtube seems interesting, we will look into this more carefully.

  10. Thanks for this excellent post. It speaks directly to some struggles I’m having with the opening of my latest WIP and how much to reveal about the main character. I think you just helped me make a choice!Can’t wait to dive even deeper at your SiWC workshops again this year!Sheri´s last blog post ..Like? 0

  11. Happy birthday to Una! and I must say, amazing photo of her mum, makes me all sentimental and nostalgic (kind of). Hope you all had a great day!

  12. The egocentrisism oozes from the doors of the buildings.He wouldn’t have known about the spit which defeats the point. I would have taken his cup away and let the coffee brew without one.

  13. Mä olen lukenut näistä 16 ja niiden lisäksi oli muutama, joilta olen lukenut jonkun muun kuin listassa mainitun. Mulle ei ole mitään erityistä väliä kirjailijan sukupuolella, niin en varmaan mitenkään järjestelmällisesti aio suosia naiskirjailijoita jatkossakaan.

  14. Always enjoy a good blog carnival. I’ll be checking these out this week.Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s last blog post.. Reply:December 15th, 2008 at 8:43 amKarl,Have fun! There are some good ones in there. Check out the older editions, too. There were surprisingly few repeat submitters. ari

  15. Nice utilization, Joe! You’re very correct, that combination of a visual (her seeing your face/hand/money and kinesthetic anchors is a very powerful and lasting one.One of the ole mantras in NLP was “always leave people in a better state than you found them.” it’s not only a contribution to humanity, I’ve found from long practice that it’s a pretty sure way of elevating my state as well.

  16. 10-02-09Валюша пишет: Ну все, и у меня блондинки, все получилось!!! Огромное спасибо!!! Был ли этот ответ полезным?

  17. Heya, I just hopped over to your webpage via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thanks for making some thing worthy of reading.

  18. Seniai apie Norfa nieko negirdeta vien maxima, reiskia vienur situacija gereja, o kitur blogeja?Niekada nepirkite vistienos, kuri galioja tik kelias dienas ir nepirkite prekiu “pigiau”.Simtu procentu bus su kvapeliu

  19. Buna ziua,As dori si eu sa stiu ce inseamna un episod borderline si daca acesta poate duce la suicid.As mai dori sa stiu daca acest borderline se manifesta pe fondul consumului de droguri si la ce perioada se declanseaza,dupa consum?Va multumesc anticipat!

  20. Wow Chanson, we must have the same parents. Mine, (meaning my mom because she controlled everything) told me I’d get no financial assistance from them if I attended any school other than BYU. Even though I had my piano scholarships it wasn’t going to be enough to cover all of my living expenses. I was good enough to have gotten into the music programs at Julliard or Oberlin but my nazi Mormon mom wanted me at BYU and that was the end of that conversation.Unlike you I had no sex with anyone other than myself at BYU. I saved the good stuff for my mission. 🙂

  21. Ingalill : Tenk at du synes Duc gjør seg til……, kjenner jeg blir helt fornærmet pÃ¥ hans vegne – han er jo en skuespiller troll alt! Ok da, han er kanskje litt teatralsk noen ganger, men jeg liker ham! Vibeke: Ja, og nÃ¥ har jeg bestilt flere bøker (og endatil fra fylkesbiblioteket), der jeg har valgt bok etter innleser – blir spennende.Kristin: Veldig amerikansk yeah! 🙂 Yeah tilbake!!

  22. Sunbeam – I'd think what that would actually translate into would not be a failure to use the drones, but rather more sloppiness and screw-ups (kind of what "Made in China" typically connotes at this stage in their growth).

  23. Não preciso fazer média com o Corinthians.E não sabia que o sR. É médico para entender também (?) de contusão muscular. O Sr. não acompanha direito as opiniões esportivas. Vários colegas da imprensa também apontaram a Holanda como uma das favoritas. Mas como a sua missão (?) é me contradizer, fala que só eu ….Sobre a Copa do Brasil, nem vou responder…

  24. Mr. Lemon and I are absolute Disney World fanatics and this WISH themed birthday party from Frog Prince Paperie had me instantly thinking of the Magic Kingdom’s Wishes Fireworks show.  If you’ve

  25. Your metal underwear sounds like an excellent investment (Oo, is that a joke? Perhaps not) You must tell me the name of your tailor/blacksmith.Three of my favourite independent booksellers (but really I love them all):Blast-Off Books in Linlithgow, ScotlandStory Time Books for Kids in Petone, Lower Hutt, New ZealandGlowworm Books in Edinburgh, ScotlandP.S. Your book IS good – don't let the bleeders get you down. (Is it okay to say bleeders?)

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  28. I agree the story was cheesy, and that’s why I was left feeling not overly in love with the movie. I think the worst, by and far, was how the climactic fight played out almost exactly like the climactic fight in Rocky.

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  31. Quand on voit le nombre de votes pour BATTIER ou ASIK, il y a quand même quelques absurdités… Je n’ai rien contre ses deux joueurs, BATTIER a fait une carrière tout à fait convenable et ASIK s’en sort très bien à HOUSTON mais quand même.

  32. , knowing that there would be people – like you and others – that would struggle to find truth, life, love in life.He said: “I AM the Way, the Life and the Love; no one goes to the Father BUT THROUGH me.” Is that complete for you? It is also said “He IS Peace”. “He IS Love”. He IS Truth.”Nothing will provide for you (or anybody) everlasting, eternal Life. Everything else pails in comparisson.

  33. scrive:pepole are pepole…Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this …

  34. The middle class does not earn minimum wage. The majority of those earning minimum wage are between 16-25… those in school and those who should not have an entire family to support. Most jobs pay more than minimum wage… even grocery stores, McDonalds, department stores, etc. Why are you only concerned with people in apartments? What about people actually paying mortgages and trying to squeak by? Why is it that you think something can be “done” about this?

  35. They are all beautiful but I LOVE that last shot!! I totally relate to the bad blogger confession and I must admit I’ve been one too. I’m trying to rediscover my blog…I will defintely try to be back for your 1440 party. I am addicted to Instagram…I think I’ve documented my entire last 6 months there. ha! Following you now, yay!

  36. « on veut le droit à la différence »… quel prêt-à-penser cette expression…. « on veut » surtout l’égalité…. en quoi s’agit-il d’être pourri gâté?… pas plus que de demander le droit de vote pour les femmes au début du 20e…. bref, les mêmes droits.

  37. Bueno, bueno… Con que ilusión y pensando en nuestros hermanos de Kenia hacéis que nos sintamos orgullosos de todo este gran traballo que lleváis adelante. Gracias por compartir con las delegaciones vuestros proyectos y hacer posible que Kenia pueda tener más vida. Gracias por ser esperanza y futuro. Rosalía.

  38. I’m excited for this program- I’m a daily reader and find all your workouts to be so fun and helpful. I’ve recently lost 30 pounds, but I’ve reached a plateau and need a boost. Can’t wait!

  39. Nelson Goodman in Ways of Worldmaking describes how every baby constructs a universe, using sensory input and the biological tools it's born with. Language provide the means to remember, share, and understand. None of us can fully know another, or be known completely. So the Jews are right — when a person dies, a universe is lost.But we are social (tribal) animals; no one becomes human without a community. Language makes us one with our group, and ties us into tribal memories. So we're both radically alone, and inextricably dependent on community. It's a mean old world anyway; better have help.

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  41. : les enfants de familles homoparentales n’ont pas plus de problème avec l’orientation sexuelle de leurs parents que les enfants de familles hétéroparentales… et personne ne choisit sa famille, au dernières nouvelles !

  42. I don't have any MAc pigments, but I love, love, love Dazzle Dusts.My favourites at the moment are #93 Block Blue, #83 Green Silver, #78 Kingfisher and #44 Bronze.I've got 19 of the colours, but I think I'm going to try and get all of the shades before this year is out. A girl has to have a goal after all ;)Great tip on the brushes too, thank you. I tend to apply the dazzle dusts wet or using a foam/sponge applicator because I get much less fallout that way.Bx

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  44. If you mean “privilege” in the sense that people who have negative epithets strewn at them have the “privilege” of using those epithets ironically then I suppose you’re right. It’s just like black people claiming the word “nigga,” feminists starting Bitch Magazine, or us queers calling each other fags and dykes. I really don’t see the big deal here…at all.

  45. , most of what I read are classics and/or recommendations from friends or authors I have read. Therefore, I’m looking for a specific title without caring a wit for the cover. In fact, if it has a crappy cover, or none at all it might just mean its costs me less to buy it.Of course, I get where you’re coming from too and publishers do need to make sure they have a good and descriptive cover to catch the eyes of people who had never heard of the book or author. Or to put it another way, someone like you has to buy it first so as to recommend it to someone like me.

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  49. Your internal bargain dialouge sounds exactly like what bounces around in my head during a 5K! In the middle of every single one – I ask myself WHY I keep up with this voluntary torture? A well-run 5K can be brutal, no question. Thank goodness it’s worth it at the end. Congrats on the award! Glad you’re back to racing.

  50. I have a few animals already. 4 dogs, 3 cats, tons of chickens, and 1 duck. If I could have anymore I think I would like to have a horse. I haven’t spent much time around them, so I think it would be fun to learn. Thanks for the giveaway, looking forward to reading your book.

  51. Christian – Fixed the link, thanks.Thomas – HAMMER2 looks to be easier to use, since it removes some of the restrictions on PFS handling and so on, but this actual document gets pretty technical; that’s what I was referring to.

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  53. Mike – You have written a beautiful post here. You have my full support. I’ll be buying the two books I don’t have soon. I’ll let you know when I do. I’ll retweet whenever I see a tweet from you and please call on me as needed. Hugs to your wife and to you.

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  57. whoa – thats crazy how much it looks like wallpaper! i love a good stencil (in fact, i need to slow it down, since i have it in my hallway and guest bathroom — dont want to be dubbed a one-trick pony over here) and you did this amazingly! i cant believe it even looks like the paint is darker purple or something — so cool how that worked out!!

  58. Beautiful. I love the imagery and snippets of description that let us feel how you felt then.I hope this new path continues to be one of peace and contentment. I really admire you for that x

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  60. Some of them were pretty lame scares, but then I guess thinking of something genuinely scary every day is kinda tough. I reckon some of the "scary" things (like Geocaching, or line dancing, or walking up a mountain) were just taking him out of his comfort zone…. which is still a pretty awesome thing to do to yourself.

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  62. SÃ¥ fantastisk kult! Jeg blir inspirert og har lyst Ã¥ gjøre noe liknende i Hammerfest. Jeg mÃ¥ se hvor mange bloggere som finnes her oppe først, men mulig jeg stikker innom deg igjen med maaaange spørsmÃ¥l 🙂 Antakelig pÃ¥ mail om jeg finner adressa di her inne.Dere er flinke altsÃ¥!! 🙂 Klem Karina

  63. The guy is an idiot, but I do want to speak up in defense of Medicine Hat. It's no colder there than Chicago or Denver during the winter. It's only about an hour from the US border and has a population of ~60,000.Moose Jaw though? That place is brutal (but an iconic name).Medicine Hat sits on some massive deposits of natural gas. My yearbook has the CH4 molecule on the cover. When I was growing up, the motto was "The City with Gas."No joke.

  64. arare,Could you please show us the images of the original text of Ohtsuki's three books? You can send me by the e-mail (My HN at gmail dot com). It could be a good example of Meiji Government's process of the recognition of the two islands, thanks.

  65. If it’s not abig deal then why did you paint him as a flipflopper? It’s a very big deal and you know it. Please Fred…you know exactly how to choose your words and your reasoning behind those choices. The primary is coming and you need something to sink your teeth into and start a-skewin”…

  66. Those quilts are gorgeous 🙂 Definitely no more Cookie-babies around here though so I won’t be entering. See, there’s one less person you have to worry about winning it :)xMx

  67. C’est donc ça les fameuses consignes pour éviter la propagation de la fameuse grippe aviaire du cochon mexicain.Les élèves sont priés de ne pas s’approcher à moins d’un mètre cinquante d’un autre élève, sauf si c’est un éléphant.Bon, pas plus bête qu’autre chose, ça coute rien d’essayer…

  68. earlier that free will is the feeling you get from rationalizing the decisions you made. Your decisions don't *seem* deterministic because you can't predict them before you make them. But that doesn't mean they aren't.Sentience might have something to do with it, if you can give a coherent definition of it. If you are sentient and a robot has behavior indistinguishable from you, then it must be sentient too, right? Or does the algorithm matter, and if so, how?

  69. JE -  Do you also know a poll of major league players also voted Jeter as one of the 5 most valuable commodities of baseball. And that a poll of major league players had Jeter finish second when asked what player they would choose to build a franchise around? So basically, you have about 9-10% (1 in 10) of players who think Jeter is the most overrated And then you have a BIGGER percentage who feel he is one of the most valuable franchise players in the sport. But hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good job at Jeter.  Moron.

  70. Hej Louise,Uha – godt spørgsmÃ¥l. Du mÃ¥ jo godt spise majs, men majs indeholder meget stivelse og kroppen kan faktisk ikke bruge majs til ret meget. Forskellen pÃ¥ majs og popcorn er, at du normalt ikke vil spise sÃ¥ mange majs, som du ville spise popcorn. Jeg ville ikke selv spise popcorn, men du kan jo prøve dig lidt frem med dem.Hilsen Sanne

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  79. Cela me fait penser à Moulinsart SA. Nick Rodwell, ayant fort opportunément épousé la veuve d’Hergé exerce une semblable tyrannie sur les droits moraux de l’Å“uvre et son exploitation commerciale. On dit parfois que les écrivains n’ont pour enfant que leurs livres, mais à lire l’exemple de Borges et d’Hergé, on aurait préféré qu’ils n’aient pas non plus de femme…

  80. Exhaustivité (y a même la WTA!), stats éclairantes, humour… que demande le peuple? Bravo Kenny.Pour ce qui est de ma vanne préférée, j’hésite entre « Marsel s’est retroussé les manches » et « Isner s’est engouffré dans la marge de Monfils ». Futur collector ça.

  81. I would love to walk into a house that smelled of spices. It would be very homely, I imagine. I love the list of spices in these cookies although I have to say, I've never added black pepper to any cookie as yet. It would be interesting to try them xx

  82. Good grief is holy. My mom was murdered by my brother a few days before Christmas three and a half years ago.Some grief there is no getting over –shouldn't get over –can't get over –but it can become a highly polished gem… –a subverted counter-intuitive joy –kinda like the cross to a Christian.

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  90. Určitě, v Latinské Americe či v na Filipínách i v jiných zemích často křesťasntví tenduje do leva. Ale v Evropě a v Americe převážně do prava (alespož církevního, dominantího hlediska). Jistě existují myšlenkové proudy tendující doleva iv této oblasti, ale jsou v menšině, nemají politicko-církevní vliv.

  91. I agree 100%. Seeing that dumb “smile” as I scrolled down the page made me wince. Maybe if it was her natural smile I wouldn’t care so much? Either way, it’s like the irritating icing on the already outrageously annoying cake. And I love cake.

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  93. She wore it for the walk around the block, but not much longer. I wore one too and it was pretty itchy. Maybe next time we will bring them home and wrap them around a cup for a pretty fall center piece!

  94. Jessica, I’m not sure I’d describe this as light. Fast paced maybe, but the subject matter is pretty gruesome at times. The BBC drama was even more entertaining than her talk so I’m sure you’ll love the book. Enjoy

  95. I love shopping for winter coats. Everyone needs something fabulous that will still be warm enough for the cold weather.The coats you picked out are absolutely perfect, CC! That last one is my absolute favorite.Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  96. Здравствуйте, меня зовут Борис, мне 14 лет, я хочу бросить мастурбацию, я начал мастурбировать где-то 3-5 месяцев назад, каждый день мне хочется этого, после мастурбации, я осознаю, во-первых, что это вред организму, во-вторых в будущем будут проблемы, в-третьих это трата времени, ну и много всего, я продерживаюсь 1-3 дня, ну максимум продержался целую неделю. Я ХОЧУ БРОСИТЬ ЭТУ ПРИВЫЧКУ, ПОДСКАЖИТЕ БУДУ ОЧЕНЬ РАД!

  97. L’affûtage à la pierre naturelle (Pyrénées ou autre) est réputé pour assurer un tranchant durable, et une finition parfaite grâce à un grain fin combiné à de l’eau.Il existe je crois de très bons affûteurs en céramique, par contre les affûteurs en acier (tels que les fusils) sont déconseillés pour certaines lames.

  98. That red looks amazing on you! I can’t believe it’s only a liner, it’s matte but doesn’t look dry or drying. I have naturally dry lips so I avoid using lipliners as an all-over color. This looks like I could actually wear it! Yet another new product from Too Faced that makes me appreciate the direction they are headed.I’m so impressed by some of their new makeup!

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